ROJOMOTORZ is a creative filmmaking team comprised of Frenchman François Roland and American Josef Baar. They liken their collaboration to being in a rock band: each player has his own personality and contributes his own voice, but the resulting harmony is far greater than the sum of its parts. Coming from two completely different backgrounds (and cultures) gives the ROJOMOTORZ team a very unique flavor.

Their distinctive style has been built from a constant drive to associate radically different visual realms, from lo-fi to hi-tech, juxtaposing old-school and new-school techniques. These unlikely associations generate exciting, astonishing results.

Before they teamed up, François spent several years as an Art Director for Ogilvy & Mather Paris, as well as developing his skills as a graphic designer and motionographer, and then as a short-program director for French television. Meanwhile, Joe was an experimental filmmaker in California, and then moved to Paris, where he became a documentary cameraman for the Discovery Channel as well as an assistant director on numerous French features and commercials.

The two eventually met at French national TV network France 2, where they teamed up to create hundreds of on-air promos and title sequences. There, they started defining their personality as both a creative team (they conceived all of the spots themselves) and a directing team (having little in the way of production means, they learned to see constraints not as obstacles, but as sources for creativity). ROJOMOTORZ was born.

ROJOMOTORZ quickly flourished in the advertising world, directing dozens of films throughout Europe for clients such as Orange, Ford, Canalsat, Le Coq Sportif, Chivas Regal, Levi’s, Disney, Citroën, Peugeot – just to name a few. They have also filmed in North and South America, Africa and Asia. In addition to their commercial work, ROJOMOTORZ have directed numerous music videos for landmark artists such as The Kills, Timo Maas and DJ Shadow.

Among the accolades that the duo has received for their work, the distinction they are most proud of is the Gold United Nations Award given to their Amnesty International spot “The Candle” by the UN. This award honors the public service announcement that “best exemplifies the Organization’s ideals and goals.”

While they continue to helm ambitious projects throughout the world, the ROJOMOTORZ guys have never forgotten their roots as experimental filmmakers and motionographers. They sometimes still use the cut & paste, string & tape approach of their early animated films; they continue to see constraints as the opportunity to create, and to see their clients as collaborative partners. And, as always, they view the idea as the supreme building block of a good film.


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