Gregor Nicholas is a highly awarded commercial director. Among his accolades have been Gold Axis awards, Cannes Lions, the Croisette d'Or Grand Prix at the Cannes Music Film Awards, as well as numerous honors at prestigious film festivals like Venice, Berlin, and Chicago. His internationally acclaimed semi-autobiographical short film "Avondale Dogs" is on the Guardian's list of the ten best short films of all time.

Gregor’s commercial work demonstrates incredible range – from wry comedy to emotionally authentic drama and large-scale highly choreographed action, his consummate and inventive storytelling shines. And as for the finely nuanced performances he pulls from actors and non-actors alike, Gregor always brings great character, detail and atmosphere to his work, creating a real sense of humanity and truth to all of his projects. His ability to capture moments of intimate drama or subtle humor with his actors is the trademark of his filmmaking, which has enriched the creative ideas of clients like Heineken, Nike, Toyota, Gatorade, Volkswagen, BMW and Adidas.


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